Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

Most chimneys these days are being re-lined with a high quality type of stainless steel lining.  We are proud to say we offer only the best top of the line products when it comes your chimney and we install them with the care and professionalism you deserve.  Not only that, we will beat any competitor pricing by at least 5%, GUARANTEED!

We have stainless steel chimney liners that are used for wood, oil, coal, and gas appliances.

Each of which comes with a transferable lifetime warranty.  These stainless steel chimney liners have been used in homes and businesses since 1992 and continue to be the most popular "all fuel" liners we offer, ranging from 3" to 8" inside diameter.

All of our stainless steel chimney liner options are UL1777 Listed and Tested for all fuel types, come with a rain cap, storm collar, top clamp and a top plate.

Not only that, we now can offer the option of a pre-insulated stainless steel chimney liner with your choice of aluminum or stainless outer protective liner.  The aluminum outer liner offer better flexibility and ease where as the stainless steel outer liner offers more durability.  Both of these options are manufactured using the highest quality, mill certified 316L Stainless Steel inner liner and 1/2" insulation wrap.  This stainless steel chimney liner will save you time and money all season long!

We even have options that are specifically made for fireplace insert applications!

Made with the same upstanding quality as all of our stainless steel chimney liners, the fireplace insert application is designed specifically where a tee and tee end cap are not needed.  Meaning it has been outfitted with a stove adapter that has been designed by those in the field and has been made to accept our stainless steel chimney liner into the top female end with the EZ clamp to tighten it in place.

Our stainless steel chimney liners are for your safety and comfort, but why exactly would you need to reline your chimney flue?

The flue liners is often the most neglected part of your chimney.  Traditional masonry flue tiles cannot handle the acidic moisture created by your furnace, boiler, or hot water tank.  This acid attacks and breaks down flue tiles and the mortar in between them.  This damage can cause harmful exhaust gases to leave your chimney and find their way into your home and even pose the risk of a potential fire hazard.