The safe operation of your wood burning fireplace is our top priority.

They help keep us warm and keep our heating costs down.  But like anything when it comes to being a homeowner, their is some maintenance involved.

Your chimney cleaning needs to be done by a professional.  There will be things the chimney sweep will keep an eye out for, such as, chimney deterioration, and the chimney sweep should let you know if any chimney repairs will be needed.

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Chimney sweeping is a part of regular maintenance.  It can get downright dirty in there and you don't want any debris to be left over after the chimney sweeping process is complete.  Make sure your chimney sweep is done by a professional to ensure none of that dust, ash, or creosote debris is carried into your home.

Our Element Hearth and Home Chimney Sweeping Professionals will remove all of the dangerous build up they find in your chimney as well as keep in an eye out for any potential hazards that could cause harm to you and your family or prevent your chimney and appliance from operating at it's max efficiency.

Our professional chimney sweeping and fireplace cleaning is unmatched in the industry today.  We have over 25 years of experience in keeping chimneys and fireplaces at their optimal efficiency.  Burning wood can be a great way to heat your home and add value and beauty to any room, but the maintenance shouldn't be left up to chance.  Hire an Element Hearth and Home Professional today to help you make sure your fireplace, wood stove, and chimney are all operating at their peak performance. 

Not all chimneys are the same, and each needs to be evaluated properly to ensure it is cleaned and put back to an optimal state of operation.

dirty chimney needs a cleaning
chimney after a good cleaning

It's important that your chimney sweep knows what he or she is doing and that your chimney is properly swept in order to keep creosote build up at a minimum.  He or she should give you helpful pointers and tips that will keep your chimney and flue lasting a lifetime.

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When it comes to cleaning and inspecting your chimney, fireplace, or wood stove, we make respect and safety our number one priority.

Upon arrival to your home, our chimney and fireplace service professionals will treat you and your home with the utmost care and appreciation.  We seal off all access points from your chimney and fireplace to ensure all of your property is left in perfect condition.

We begin by taking several pictures of the exterior of your chimney and evaluating the current condition it is in.  We will safely make our way to the top of your roof, taking even more pictures as we continue to evaluate your chimney.

Overall, our inspection and cleaning process is one of the most versatile in the markets today.  We offer a complete level 2 inspection that always comes with a full chimney sweep or chimney cleaning so that we can properly inspect for any damage.  Any damage or issues we find during the inspection is then documented and compiled in a detailed report that you can keep for your records.

This means, once your chimney is free of creosote or any other buildup, you get a complete video inspection of the inside of your chimney flue.  This makes you fully aware of any cracks or gaps that could pose as potential fire hazards while operating your fireplace.

What type of damage are we looking for? Most traditional brick-and-mortar fireplaces were built with clay flue tile to serve as the venting for all of the dangerous by-products being released when your fireplace is being used.

Generally speaking, these are sections of 2 foot lengths that get stacked on top of one another prior to the mason constructing the brick work for the chimney structure. These 2 foot sections of clay tile are mortared together with a high heat refractory cement or fireplace mortar to ensure all of the heat exhaust from your fireplace is being contained.

Overtime, general wear and tear, weather, condensation, a foundation shifting, or even chimney fires could have caused this clay to either crack or the mortar joints in between the clay to deteriorate leaving large gaps. These cracks and gaps are what could cause severe damage to your home if left unattended.

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