Is it time to schedule your chimney cleaning?

The thing about chimneys is you never really know what's going on inside them?  It's important to have an annual chimney inspection to ensure your chimney doesn't have any major cracks and isn't accumulating an excess of the highly flammable creosote.  We recently performed a chimney inspection and chimney cleaning for a home in Delano, MN.  Take a look at the before and after chimney cleaning pictures found below.

Do you need to schedule a chimney cleaning?
A chimney cleaning can do your flue wonders!

Not only was this chimney filled with creosote, the cap was completely plugged up with the highly flammable material and was quite literally, a chimney fire waiting to happen.

Creosote caked chimney cap

We welcome you to give us a call anytime to see if you need to have your chimney cleaned!

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