Troubleshooting your Pellet Stove

Your Pellet Stove

Has your pellet stove not been operating like it used to?  Perhaps it's not kicking out as much heat as it did when it was in its prime.  Maybe you can't quite figure out why it won't stay lit.  Your pellet stove, when maintained regularly and cleaned several times throughout the year, can give you, your family, and your home the extra warmth and added value it truly deserves.

  • Before beginning any maintenance, make sure you unplug your pellet stove.

    • Nobody enjoys electrocution, so please make sure you have your pellet stove unplugged.
  • Open the glass doors and clean out any soot, ash, or other debris.

    • Ensuring your pellet stove stays clean is important for operating efficiency.
  • Check the auger and the auger motor.

    • Is your pellet stove being fed the correct amount of pellets properly?
  • If you can safely locate the combustion or convection blower, give it a good cleaning.

    • A lot of the time, these fans and blowers found on the inside of your pellet stove collect a large amount of dust and this hinders the air flow to and from your pellet stove.
  • Check the igniter for any damage or blockages.

    • If your pellets aren't igniting properly, you're not going to stay warm.
  • Is your pellet stove properly vented?

    • Proper air flow is crucial to the health and efficiency of your pellet stove.

95% of the time, all your pellet stove needs is a good healthy cleaning and some regular maintenance.  Before you go into a panic at the first sign of your pellet stove going downhill, feel free to give us a call and we can help you troubleshoot what may or may not be going on.

Your safety is our number one priority, your warmth will always comes after.  Feel free to give us a call any time for a FREE estimate!

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