Is your gas stove causing you trouble?

An excess amount of soot from a gas stove exhaust

An excess amount of soot from a gas stove exhaust

Gas stoves and gas fireplaces are meant to burn very clean and efficiently.  If you've found that your gas stove or gas fireplace isn't working quite like it should be, than a call to a qualified technician is in order.

We recently inspected a gas stove that was emitting an excess amount if black soot from the stove exhaust, what we discovered was actually quite suprising.

After shutting off the supply of gas to the stove and shutting down the pilot light, we removed the decorative front cover and the glass.  Removing the logs inside the gas stove revealed an actual pile, not just a dusting, but an actual pile of debris that had been burning for quite some time.


2015-02-03 08.45.37.jpg

What we found out after our thorough inspection was that the logs inside the gas stove were not positioned 100 percent correctly.  The thing about gas stoves and other gas appliances is that they tend to be quite particular.  A correct installation is absolutely required, otherwise you are risking a shortening of your gas stoves life and putting your family's life in danger.

Jason PlevellComment