How to tell if your chimney is leaning away from your house.

Clear signs that a chimney is leaning away from the house.

Clear signs that a chimney is leaning away from the house.

Have you ever wondered if your chimney was starting to lean away from your house?  Here are some clear tell signs that you might have a serious problem on your hands.

We recently inspected a home because the homeowners' were having trouble with an excess of bugs and insects finding their way into the home.  A careful review from the exterminator they hired, revealed large gaps and cracks in between the chimney that was located on the side of the house, and the house itself.

This is one clear tell sign that your chimney is starting to fall away, leaning away from the house.  Why does this happen?  More often than not, it's due to a weak or unsupported chimney foundation.  When you think about it, a chimney is heavy, ranging anywhere from 5-20 tons, depending on what it's made out of.  If the chimney isn't set on top of some very seriously deep and sturdy footers, the occupants of a home could be in for a shocking surprise.

Secondly, we want to look for cracks like these ones.

Do you notice how the cracks follow a distinct pattern, indicating that the chimney is indeed not as healthy as it could be.

cracks in the chimney could reveal a much larger problem

Where do we go from here?  It's important to have a qualified professional come out to your house and do an estimate for some repair work.  Most of the time, a homeowner will have to make a decision between one of two options.  Tear the chimney down and rebuild, a very messy and time consuming project, or attempt to lift the foundation back into place. 

We have partnered with PierTech Systems, a leading manufacturer of helical piers and piles. Using our technology we make foundation repair and new construction easy. By combining our patented Tru-Lift® bracket and helical piers your home's or chimney's foundation will be secure.

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