15 Holiday Mantels We Love

The most wonderful time of the year and that includes all the tinsel and lights that go with it.  Of course, one of the highlights of the seasonal home decor is the fireplace and mantel.  It's a  prime palette, a blank canvas for your most creative sensibilities.  Here are our holiday faves...

Deer mounts, light gray based colors and rustic looks are all the rage this year, we might as well carry it into the holiday season! I love the simplicity of the colors that is a good palette for any home, as well as the simple natural elements of pinecones and real wood splits.

Continuing on with this year's theme of simplicity, the neutral grays and whites are consistent here, with the passion for blackboards in crafting making a statement.

Not many choose to keep the original red brick classic to many years ago, but this home did and won!  I love the incorporation of the rustic red to really showcase that old can be classic and not outdated.

We love this version of simplicity.  Who said the stockings hung by the chimney with care had to be centered?  Dare to be different, while still maintaining an element of the season's simplicity.

This hearth speaks to family holiday weeks spent together sledding, lighting the tree, family, and meals together.  Combined with every child's new favorite movie, "Frozen", and you've captured the magic of a child's christmas.

I love anything that is a bit off the beaten path, and this wood friends theme is heartwarming and unique.


Seems like anywhere we can add pallet wood it's a huge win.  Add the classic red and black plaid, especially since plaid is back in fashion again, and this will certainly be a holiday showpiece. 


Add a bit of snowy whimsy with a favorite snow season activity...

Rustic is still all the rage.  This rustic beauty has some classic elegance to it.

Even the simplest of walls can be changed with simple greens and berries.  

We're quite wordy, and what better way than to use the holiday season to quip your favorite quotes.  Again, tying to the neutral gray natural simplicity trend and you've got a hearth very close to the heart.

All that's missing are the skis and the hot mugs of cocoa.

Ultra simple and ultra quaint.  I works in this room because of the expensive and elegant articles of decoration used in the rug and furniture.

Reminds us of Tiny Tim's christmas.  Love the simple candles.

Traditional red Santa theme.  Always a child's delight and speaks to wonderful evenings around the fire with multiple children ooing and aaahing over brightly wrapped presents.  


No matter what you choose to ignite your holiday decorating passion, we love that this is the time of year where you can really showcase your hearth as the heart of your home.

Whichever designs you choose, Element Hearth and Home warns you to always think safety first.  If you are going to be using draping greens and ribbons, make sure that they are a safe distance away from the blaze.  Never leave a fire unattended while you go caroling.  Do, grab an eggnog and a comfy blanket and watch the beauty your safe fireplace brings to the peace of your home.

Happy Holidays!