Yuletide Carols Being Sung By the Fire.....

There's no denying it:  there is just something about gathering around the family hearth over the holidays, or even just the chilly frost of winter.

Since the beginning of the discovery of fire, it has been a gathering place for groups, merely out of necessity, for food, for warmth, for protection.    Now that much of that need has mainly passed, the fireplace has still remained as the place families gather around to spend time together.  They are the centerpiece of the main family rooms, typically, and even add the romantic warmth in bedrooms.  In any holiday movie, simply add the rosy glow of a fireplace and you've set the stage for coziness. 

"CHESTNUTS ROASTING ON AN OPEN FIRE"  After the need for fire to be used for food, which changed the way people ate completely, there was the advent of cooking food over a fire for novelty.  Think Charles Dickens picturesque as the chestnuts roast over the open fire at holiday parties.  Popcorn and other nuts were a roasting novelty as well.

"AND THE STOCKINGS WERE HUNG BY THE CHIMNEY WITH CARE"  Because there wasn't much by way of furniture and shelving, the tradition began hanging regular old socks of family members in the one space there was available for hanging...the mantel.  Children would collect their goodies in the morning, gathered from the chill in front of the hearth.  

Yes, there is no getting around the position the hearth has held as the heart of the home.  If you haven't done so already, there's still time to gift this centerpiece with holiday decoration and stockings.  See our previous blog on our favorite holiday mantel displays if you haven't already.

At Element Hearth and Home, we are more than just chimney sweeps.  We understand creating the atmosphere of coziness and family.  From design to building and construction of the fireplace itself, to the care, cleaning, maintenance and inspection of it for your family's safety throughout the year, we want to help you honor the tradition of the family hearth.

"And though it's been said many times, many ways...Merry Christmas, to you!"