Stone Enhancement For Your Home

One of the things both Jason and I love about this line of work is the flexibility of projects you can make with wood, stone, brick, and natural elements.  Our work is UNIQUE!  You CANNOT go to a main chain store and buy anything like what we create.  You cannot order it online, and you will not see a neighbor that can have an identical piece of work.  

People think of stone and wood as hard and unflexible, but once we started working and our creativity took off, we were amazed to see how opportune natural elements, including stone, actually are!  We have developed an intense passion for seeing what else we can do, what limits can be pushed, and LOVE working with people that want their homes to be original and trust us and our unique visions.  

Many of you have already been customers by making sure your chimneys and fireplaces are safe and clean and in good safe functioning order, did you also know that you are working with a top notch award winning artisan craft company?  We are proud of our awards CHOSEN BY CLIENTS.  Every time we pull up to a new drive, we wonder what will await.  Will it be a unique stone fireplace, a new modern pizza oven, an outdoor spread around a pool?  

You may also not have realized that we hike and travel all over, collecting unique rocks, healing gems, stones, and minerals, pieces of driftwood, old discarded brick, and store it to use in our projects.  It is incredibly fulfilling to help a person achieve better than magazine quality decor and to re- use Earth's resources.  Combine these with new and modern design and materials and what we come up with, we hope, is just what your heart desires.

If you have PASSION for unique-ness in your home and want to move beyond just being "trendy", you may want to give us a "re-look", just as we will do for your home!

Love and heart(h),

Jason and Amanda Soulvay Plevell